The Story of Dinosaur arboretum

Area and location

The location of this arboretum is known to be one of the deepest mountains and forests in Korea. It is a clean area inhabited by fish such as crayfish, Haneultari, and Jungtangi. Because it is located in a valley of 330m above sea level, it is a shelter with little influence of fine dust which is problem these days.

 Area: 250,000 square meters
 Location: Gyeonggi-do, Icheon-Si, Majang- Myeon, Jakchon-Ri, Valley of Dongmaegi Mountin.
An old story
· Origine of Dongmaegi Mountin.

The direction of the valleys and foot of mountains where the arboretum is located faces towards the east. So it is said to be called Dongmaegi (East) Mountain.

· Bumbawi Cave (Tiger Rock Cave)

BumBawi cave was named because a pair of tigers lived in this cave until the 1940s. Because of this terrible tiger couple, the inhabitants could not cut the surrounding trees, and the forest was lush. It is said that in the 1950s, they could barely cut trees and use charcoal and firewood.

· Armory Warehouse Area

The area across the arboretum, called the "Mbak Goal", was a place where there was a long time ago a professional weapon for making swords and axes and a pottery kiln called Sagisil.

About Dinosaur Arboretum

The meaning of the arboretum is recently shifting from the passive concepts that simply cultivate plants and introduce nature to general customers to the aggressive concepts that combine specific themes with natural functions assimilating with nature, and approaching customers with complex resting theme parks. Dinosaur Arboretum also consists of 130,000 square meters, which is responsible for refreshing functions, and a dinosaur theme of 120,000 square meter that provides fun and memories to children and families visiting.

In addition, Dinosaur Arboretum also provides Insect theme pavilion where visitors can see the life of a strange insects and an Animal village where visitors can share emotional sympathy with animal friends

Main facilities

Dinosaur Arboretum has an dinosaur-themed pavilion, an insect-themed pavilion, and an animal family village, as well as outdoor gardens where dinosaurs and insects blend with the main garden theme trees. 3D dinosaur movies are always on display at the Dinosaur Theme Pavillion, and there are many attractions and activities, including a greenhouse garden and an experience program for children in this arboretum. And cafeteria and  restaurant, located at the entrance of the arboretum, provide a place to relax and eat.

Processing plants

The dongmaegi mountain, where the dinosaur arboretum is located, is a place where many oak and fir chestnut pine trees grow, and about 3,000 kinds of plant resources are nurtured. In addition, there are dozens of native wildflowers, especially in the spring and autumn. In addition, about 1000 kinds of succulent plants and cacti planted in the greenhouse of the arboretum are managed professionally. In addition, coffee trees, bananas, We have also introduced more than 100 kinds of plants, so we are striving to make our visitors more enjoyable. Welcome to Dukpyung Dinosaur Arboretum.

Ahn Seung Woo

Gyeonggi-do, Icheon-Si, Majang- Myeon, Jakchon-Ri, Valley of Dongmaegi Mountin. 

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