Dukpyung Dinosaur Arboretum, 

which embodies the theme of arboretum

dinosaurs in a 250,000 square meter mountain valley, is a new kind of arboretum that provides children with unlimited imagination and fun after opening in 2016,  And it is growing as family theme park arboretum.

I liked the freshness and freedom of the natural winds, and I wanted to share this with others,

and this little desire was made up of the rich fruit of the Arboretum.

As I designed and built the Arboretum, I felt a lot of joy when everything I imagined in my head became reality.

But when Arboretum was opened, I felt a lot of shortage in it.

So I always try to find out the shortage of the arboretum and will also try to develop the arboretum into a new family theme park.

In addition, the company plans to establish a monorail and a water park in the arboretum, operate a pension, and organize garden space and luge to grow into a theme park that provides more complete services through the creation of new items and convenient facilities at the arboretum. We will gradually introduce you safer and more fun programs. 

I will promise you that I will always go forward with the aim of a space where all the family can enjoy and be satisfied,

I hope you will keep up with your affection and appreciate your interest.

Dukpyung Dinosaur Arboretum. Ahn Seung Woo

Ahn Seung Woo

Gyeonggi-do, Icheon-Si, Majang- Myeon, Jakchon-Ri, Valley of Dongmaegi Mountin. 

Business license :  205-02-72554

Tel : 031-633-5029


Open 365 days a year

· Weekdays:

09 a.m. to 06 p.m.

· Weekends and holidays:

09 a.m. to 06 p.m.

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